Philip Lüschen.
Visual artist / Scenographer  

Amsterdam & The Hague
+31 647376317

Philip Lüschen is a visual artist and scenographer. Utilizing world-building techniques such as (scale) models, game engines, and film sets, Lüschen explores his ambiguous relationship with the built environment.

His scenographic strategies challenge rigid interpretations in public spaces seeking the fluidity of human constructed environments.‘Vagueing', his own coinage, indicates a world-building strategy aiming to queer homogenized urban landscapes and the staging of choreographed journeys within.

Lüschen earned a bachelor's degree in design at the Design Academy Eindhoven and completed his research master's in Scenography at the University of the Arts Utrecht (HKU). His work has been exhibited internationally, including the Museum of Contemporary Art (Taipei, TW), the New Renaissance Film Festival (London, UK), Non-Syntax Experimental Image Festival (Tokyo, JP),  Experimental Film Festival Brasil (Campos Dos Goytacazes, BR) and various venues and festivals in the Netherlands, among them the Over het IJ Festival (Amsterdam), the Nieuwe Instituut (Rotterdam) and Museum het Vrijthof (Maastricht) as well as several public spaces such as a jail, a church and a village square.