Philip Lüschen  


2015, Hot Air Balloon Station Bernheze
Concrete tiles, gold plated chair, stainless steel post, digital countdown clock, polycarbonate lightbox, signage on steel board.

'At Zero The Air is Yours' is a permanent installation in the landscape of the Dutch municipality of Bernheze. The construction covers a few square meters and consists of concrete pavement tiles, a countdown clock, a chair, a lamp and an information sign. Together these parts compose a peculiar station where at certain set times one can take to the skies.

The station, named Ballonvaart Bernheze (Balloon Ride Bernheze), lacks a ticket machine. Only the person seated on the golden chair when the countdown clock reaches zero is the lucky winner and can immediately depart from one of the surrounding meadows. The countdown clock can be monitored day and night. Who takes the ride is up to the strategy of the participants, only the most ingenious solo operations will lead to victory.

'Zero The Air is Yours' was created by order of the municipality Bernheze and in cooperation with the bkkc, Brabants kenniscentrum kunst en cultuur, Tilburg. Location: corner of Hanenbergsestraat and Schaapsdijk in Loosbroek, the Netherlands