Philip Lüschen  


2013, Birdophone promotional video in Birdophone installation
The installation "Birdophone" shows a fictional product presentation in the field of "Healing Environment". Birdophone promises to transform any room into a healing environment by streaming live bird-song in from the outdoors. It is made up of a cage for attracting and catching songbirds, a bird-sized headset and a smartphone app.

The Birdophone installation, commissioned by the Brabants Kenniscentrum Kunst en Cultuur, questions the currently popular concept of ''healing environments'', in which care institutions attempt to make patients' surroundings more curative by evoking an outdoor feel indoors. Commercial companies offer readymade solutions - metres-high forest wallpaper, LCD sky simulations. These products, which promise to reduce stress, are credible presented and widely used, but there is scant research to back their effectiveness.
Birdophone promotion stand
Promotional video on TV screen, wall signage, folders in grid
Paper set design for Birdophone promotional video