Rock Controlled Citizens, 2021  
Theater performance
Duration: 20 min.  


Large boulders, coming from disparate mountainous areas, are crumbled over the city’s fabric. They mainly perform their role as an obstruction to prevent a raid of rams or to ensure that citizens do not move out of their respective lanes. Through mobilizing a variety of display techniques such as a rotational platform, theatrical lighting and a haunting soundscape, Lüschen liberates the boulders from their hyper-functionality and offers them up for open-ended confrontation on the part of the audience. 

The renewed engagement is pushed even further when the audience is instructed to physically align itself with the speed of a slow-spinning boulder projected onto a large screen. In doing so, Lüschen questions his everyday duality: adapting and performing according to the pre-scripted roles of objects in the cityscape, or resisting by exploring the potential of what surrounds us every day.