Philip Lüschen  


Waiting Room Survival Guide
Book in wall mount
30 x 20 cm

Waiting Room Survival Kit

The Waiting Room Survival Kit comprises a collection of objects designed for waiting rooms. The Waiting Room Survival Guide serves as both the foundation of and the manual for the installation. It illustrates how a diverse range of objects can be used to shorten one's idle time, to wait incognito or to increase one's privacy in the waiting situation. The guide itself can also be used as a peek-holed shield to spy on others.

The Line-Jumping Tool, as illustrated in the guide, is placed as a practical implement in the actual waiting room and will help shortening the waiting time while letting others disappear behind it. The Incognito-Nose Stand may help out whenever one does not want to be recognized.

The practical implements ironically suggest different ways to act in a waiting room and can help to put the process into perspective.

Waiting Room Survival Kit is developed in collaboration with Sint Catharina Hospital, Eindhoven.

Waiting Room Survival Guide
Chapter 'Wait Incognito'
Waiting Room Survival Guide
Chapter 'Clearing Occupied Seats'
Nose Stand
185 cm, steel frame, 25 polyurethane noses

Line-Jumping Tool
Aluminium frame, polyurethane wheel, photoprint on aluminium

Line-Jumping Tool, photo manual
40 x 60 cm
Line-Jumping Tool @ MCH Westeinde, Den Haag